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Sports League for Adults in KW!
TEAMPLAY Sports offers co-ed: SOCCER, FLAG FOOTBALL, ULTIMATE FRISBEE, VOLLEYBALL and DODGEBALL leagues to adults of Kitchener-Waterloo. Our focus is fun, friendly and organized team sports. We hope to see you playing soon!

Want to play? Get in touch!
If you would like to join our league next season, sign up or contact us to find out more information.

Seasons We Offer:

  • Winter (Jan-Apr)
  • Early-spring (Mar-Apr)
  • Spring (May-June)
  • Summer (June-August)
  • Summer-Long (May-Aug)
  • Fall (Sept-Nov/Dec)

We Keep it Social

We offer a fun experience all around in all of our recreational coed sports leagues. Check out our facebook page, where you can view your game & team photos dating back to 2009 when we first started. 

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